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Twinz“Twinz” is the third and latest album of Italian reggae band MELLOW MOOD, and will be released on iTunes and digital stores on June 3rd by independent label La Tempesta International.

MELLOW MOOD are back after having toured Europe for almost three years, in a tour which led the band to 12 European countries, where they performed at the most important festivals becoming one of the best renown reggae acts worldwide. “Twinz” confirms the soundness of MELLOW MOOD, who are led by talented twins and songwriters Jacob and L.O. Garzia, who wrote all the songs together and are supported by a band which proves to be increasingly aware of its role. Twelve songs written and arranged after a trip to Kingston, rediscovering reggae’s roots and experiencing the true spirit of Jamaica’s sounds.

“Twinz” explores the truest Roots through the rhythmic foundations of Jules I and Fred Sieve, classic One Drop vibes and rhythms, mingled with Dub atmospheres and Dj Style-like vocal harmonies, which prove that MELLOW MOOD have now the right attitude to add their own flavour to the reggae grooves, testifying the artistic growth of the five musicians. Lyrics, which showcase MELLOW MOOD’s deep knowledge of Jamaican patois, explore universal love, crucial human solidarity, bridging peoples through music, witness their strong bond with Jamaica.

“Twinz” is produced by Paolo Baldini, who adds his expertise to the sound of the band, and features several important collaborations: the energy of Portuguese superstar Richie Campbell, the latin charge of Spanish dub singer Sr. Wilson, the brass section of Jamaican legend Dean Fraser, arrangements of Alborosie’s drummer Fitzroy ‘Dave Prime Time’ Green on “Closed Doors”, the voices of Italian singers KG Man and Forelock.

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